1. 故事背景:打散+改写背景信息
  2. 体裁(letter/email+notice)+ 内容要求
  3. 正式(I am / It is)/非正式(I'm / It's) + 格式

a. 写给熟人:首句寒暄,二句目的;
b. 写给陌生人或机构:自我介绍和目的

中间 4-6 句

段尾 1 句


dear 称呼
Yours sincerely


the purpose of sth. / sth. aims(targets) to 目的是
use their best endeavors to do 尽最大努力做
attach emphasis to sth. 认为...很重要
utmost emphasis should be attached to...
contribute to / induce 是导致...的原因
complete one's work 完成工作
joint efforts 共同努力
I am deeply obliged for your hard work 我十分感谢您的努力


character 角色
plight 困境
vigorous 有活力的
tremendous 巨大的
eminent 优秀的
eminently = exceedingly = Immensely 非常
advantageous 有利的,有好处的
miraculous 奇迹般的
gorgeous 美丽的
pervasive = universal 普遍的
enhance = promote = strengthen = optimize 加强、优化、促进
deal with = resolve sth. = tackle sth. = cope with 解决,应对,处理
cultivate = foster 培养
fulfill 完成
contamination 污染
obligation 责任
accelerate 加速
adequate 充足
rational 合理的
feasible 可行的
considerable 相当多的
critical / essential / be extremely vital to us 至关重要的
severe、critical 严重的
terrible / harmful
defect 缺点
eliminate 消除
therefore = hence 因此
demonstrate / illustrate “说明,表明”,用在图表作文中替代show,reveal等单词
depict / portray “描述,描绘”,在漫画作文中替代describe
punctuality 准时 / punctually 准时地
prestigious 有声望的
hospitality 热情好客 / hospitable 热情好客的
imperative 迫切的
magnificent = splendid 壮丽的
innumerable 无数的
deleterious 有害的
pursue 追求
primary 首要的
academic 学术的
indispensable 不可或缺的
severely 严重地


I'm writing to request that 我写信恳求(t不双写)
I have several request
students who share a love for English 共同热爱
be keen on sth.
have a profound affection 有深厚的感情/浓厚的兴趣
be passionate about
have a peculiar interest in 对...有特殊的兴趣
the Internet has become an increasingly important tool for students
Not only do professors require us to... but ... (前后连接复杂句,do 起强调作用)
much of the communication between... communication 不可数
I cordially invite you to join us 我诚挚地邀请您来参加我们的活动
on behalf of
we are hoping that you will be available for a lecture on January 4th.
there will be 45 minutes allocated for you
in their spare time
sth be in great request 非常需要 sth
compensate for / compensate sb. for sth. 弥补、补偿
urge sb to do 敦促某人做
guarantee sb. sth. 向某人保证某事
remains to do 仍需做某事
be inspired by 受到启发、鼓舞
A be conducive to B / do sth A有利于B/做某事
be detrimental to 不利于,对...有害
manifest improvement 明显的进步
a wholesome drink 有益健康的饮料
Prevailing among the general public 在一般人群中盛行
be triggered by 由...引起的
If tedious tasks could be eradicated, the world would be a much better place.
We must eradicate the unhealthy tendency of cheating in exams.
The noise pollution badly jeopardizes the health of the operating workers.
alleviating psychological pressure 缓解心理压力(alleviate 减轻、缓解)
Some people assert that nothing is impossible.
stimulate sb. to do sth. 激励某人做
the merits of sth. 某事的好处
be saturated with 充斥着
strive for = spare no efforts for = endeavor to do 努力做
embark on sth. 开始做 sth.
in contemporary society 在当代社会
a multitude of = a vast amount of 大量
there are numerous ways of doing 有许多做...的方法
the majority of 大多数
an alternative is that… 作为替代的是...
cannot afford to 不应当做
attach importance to sth 强调...
obstacle 阻碍
in such circumstances 在这样的情况下
in contrast = conversely 相反地
employ the policy of sth 采取...政策
It is generally established that 众所周知
enduring classic 经久不衰的经典
the inner world 内心世界
I am referring to that 我指的是
have a fascination with 对...感兴趣
a range of 一系列
be involved in 参加
extracurricular activities 课外活动
interpersonal relations 人际关系
i regret to tell you that 我很遗憾的告诉你
particular details 具体细节
one of the most magnificent tourist destination in China
China boasts of a splendid history 中国有辉煌的历史
In addition 无所谓连接
What's more 最好连着前面 比如 Initially,
Further more 最好用在最后,前面必须连
be ascribed to 归因于
If... ever perished from..., it would be a tragedy of immeasurable proportions 如果... 从... 消失,那将是不可估量的悲剧
indulge in / indulgence in 沉浸在
derive from 源于
mental fitness 心理健康
enjoy striking popularity among / be in vogue 流行
demonstrate a social phenomena of 反映了...的社会现象
briefly speaking 简言之
provoke heated debates 引起激烈讨论
double-edged sword
exert profound influence on 产生深远影响
bridge / narrow the gap between
be adopted to 被采纳用于
it is imperative for us to take drastic measures. 当务之急是采取严厉措施
enhance the public awareness 提高公众意识
a combination of ... 的结合
this tendency is rather disturbing 这种倾向很令人担忧
give a helping hand
a minority of
every individual

I have recently been diagnosed with a serious cold
If possible, i would like to postpone the interview to another day later in the week
I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you (may have caused)
Please excuse me for not being able to inform you of my situation sooner.

as a... , i am severely disappointed to find that the service you have recently provided us is far from satisfactory
i am writing to draw you attention to sth.
take...into serious concideration

Benevolence = kind deed
I am writing this letter to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for the meticulous care you provided during my time in the hospital.
The comforting scenes always remind me of the period you took such good care of me.
If it had not been for your timely assistance in giving me first aid, I fear that the consequences might have been very serious
What impressed me the most was
Your appearance has uplifted me/cheered me up
I would like to extend my thanks once again
Your kind deeds are like pearls that will forever be treasured in my mind.

I am writing to apply for the job of doing / your recently advertised position for a teacher
I would like to apply for admission to...
I hold the belief that I am well qualified for this position for several reasons.
Enclosed with this note is my resume, which details my previous academic qualifications and relevant work experiences.
the experiences make me a perfect candidate
cheerful personality
If you could grant me an interview, i would appreciate it.
at your earliest convenience

To enhance the ability and enrich after-class activities
which is to be held on...
Those who have a fascination with ... are welcome to participate in this activity
If the would-be candidates have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
this club serves as a platform to demonstrate your marvelous abilities
are eminently beneficial in multiple regards 在多方面都很有益处
improve your level of proficiency 提高你的熟练程度
A good command of English will enable you to get an edge over your peers

during the latest meeting,the following issues were addressed.
If you find any errors or omissions, please contact me

I am writing to seek your assistance to help...
I hope you can kindly furnish me with specific details regarding the above-mentioned questions.
I wonder if it would be convenient for you to do...






As is vividly depicted in the caricature
The caricature depicts ....
the caption indicates that... 文字说明...
diagram 图表
excerpt 选段
the author assumes that

the caricature is to illustrate that
what the drawing intends to convey is that
I cling to the idea that 我坚持... 的观点
from my perspective
it is of vital significance to be
Take an example to illustrate....

To sum up
Only by doing so can we
we should always be ready to

Love is a pearl which will never perish from my heart